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Minutes – Board Finance Committee (BFC) Meeting 12 May 2010

BFC Attendees: Rajasekhar Ramaraj – Chair, Gonzalo Navarro, Dennis Jennings, and Bruce Tonkin

Apologies: George Sadowsky

Staff Members Present: Doug Brent, Kevin Wilson, Diane Schroeder, Samantha Eisner, Dan Halloran and Ken Shiu

The following is a summary of discussion, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Received updates on the FY11 Operating Plan and Budget, including a review of its development from the public posting of the FY11 Budget Framework in February 2010, community calls and sessions and the requirement of posting the draft FY11 Operating Plan and Budget by 17 May 2010 to facilitate further discussion at the Brussels meeting for finalization for board review and approval in Brussels. The update included:
    1. A progress update on the FY10 cost containment effort, including continuing efforts by staff to reduce costs by limiting travel, negotiating with key external contractors, and review of consulting arrangements while not sacrificing essential services;
    2. Review key feedback points from the community on the development of the draft FY11 Budget Framework, including the overall desire by the community for more detailed information;
    3. Changes to the FY11 Operating Plan and Budget since the posting of the draft FY11 Budget Framework, including tighter integration with the Strategic Plan, budget balancing to account for various new cost reduction initiatives and certain additional expenditure items, including costs for GNSO studies. The BFC discussed the need to continue to further encourage the developing practice among the Supporting Organizations to prioritize work within the budgeted amounts, including efforts to scope and cost work from the outset. The BFC also discussed ways to further engage with the ccNSO on funding issues.
  2. Discussed the annual process for developing the annual operating plan and budget including ways to incorporate SO/AC leadership and build in more time for community feedback into allocation of resources.