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Agenda | Regular Meeting of the ICANN Board | 8 June 2024

Consent Agenda

  • SSAC Member Appointment

  • Contract Approval for ICANN83

Main Agenda

  • Phase 1 Final Report on the Internationalized Domain Names Expedited Policy Development Process

  • Approach for Handling Registry Commitments that Restrict Content and/or Usage of gTLDs in Next Round Registry Agreements

  • Supplemental Recommendations of the New gTLD Subsequent Procedures Policy Development Process Final Report

  • GAC Advice in ICANN77 Communique Regarding Avoiding Auctions Between Commercial/Non-Commercial Applications

  • GNSO Guidance Process (GGP) for Applicant Support Guidance Recommendations

  • Next Round Funding

  • AOB

Published on 4 June 2024