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Thanks for the support and interest so far

24 de enero de 2007
Por Paul Levins

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Hi. I just wanted to thank people for their support for the creation of this blog. I think this will be a useful way of being more accessible as an organisation and to be a little more responsive to questions and observations.

But this started with the release of our first Annual Report. Being our first we would really value feedback on it. It’s not perfect. We know that. But we hope to take comments on it for the future and thereby make it more relevant to you each year. So please do look at it and tell us what you think.

We are committed to being more transparent and accountable as an organisation and this blog is one part of that commitment. If you haven’t noticed there are others things we are doing: a news alert service and weekly news letter that you can subscribe to; a new more expanded report of Board meetings that will give you an insight into the thinking and debates at a Board level (you can find the preliminary report at; and of course the annual report as well as our consultation on management operating principles for transparency and accountability which is at
So thanks again. I look forward to having ongoing conversations!

Paul Levins
Executive Officer and Vice President, Corporate Affairs


Paul Levins