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Single Source of Whois-Related Agreement Provisions and Policies

15 de abril de 2013
Por Denise Michel

Today, ICANN posted a single information source for the current gTLD WHOIS-related agreement provisions and policies to make them easier for the community to access. The suggestion for such a webpage came from the WHOIS Policy Review Team and was accepted by the Board for implementation on 8 November 2012. This single source documents the current gTLD WHOIS-related policies set out in the gTLD Registry and Registrar contracts and GNSO Consensus Policies and Procedures. It will be incorporated in an “information portal” that is under development to support easy access to existing WHOIS information. This compilation of Whois-related policies and agreement provisions will be revised in the future to reflect new agreements and policies as they are adopted.


Denise Michel

Anterior SSR2 Review Team Co-Chair