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Security, Stability and Resiliency of the Domain Name System (DNS) Review Team (SSR2): Follow Our Progress

26 de abril de 2017
Por Denise Michel, Eric Osterweil y Emily Taylor

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SSR2 Review Team members at ICANN58 (L-R): James Gannon, Ramkrishna Pariyar, Žarko Kecić, Denise Michel, Jabhera Matogoro, Geoff Huston, Kerry-Ann Barrett, Kaveh Ranjbar, Emily Taylor, Alain Aina, Boban Krsic, Cathy Handley, Eric Osterweil, Mohamad Amin Hasbini. Not pictured: Noorul Ameen, Don M. Blumenthal.

On behalf of the SSR2 Review Team we'd like to update you on our work so far and tell you how you can get involved. The SSR2 Review Team is reviewing security, operational stability and resiliency matters relating to ICANN's coordination of the Internet's system of unique identifiers. (Our detailed mandate can be found here.)

Here are some highlights from the Review Team's work so far:

  • At ICANN58 we met face-to-face for the first time and held a community engagement session. Many thanks to everyone who came to this session and contributed to the discussion.
  • In March, we announced our leadership selections, agreeing by consensus to leadership by three co-chairs.
  • We are currently drafting our work plan and terms of reference, which we expect to finalize and publish in the coming weeks – watch the SSR2 wiki.
  • As mandated by ICANN's Bylaws, we are reviewing the first SSR Review Team's recommendations. We are in the information-gathering phase, assessing the status and impact of these recommendations.
  • We are also doing a lot of "homework" – reviewing a substantial number of reports and background materials – to prepare for our in-depth work.

Our next face-to-face meeting will be in Madrid on 14 and 15 May, just after the ICANN DNS Symposium. Information on how to observe this meeting in person or remotely is included below.

We need you to help us carry out a successful review!

We encourage contributions and comments from the community throughout the review process. Please give us input on ICANN's role and the issues you see facing the security, stability and resiliency of the DNS.

Here's how you can get involved:

  • Share your input with us. Send an email to (Note: This is a publicly archived mailing list.)
  • Become an observer. Review Team meetings, whether in person or online, have a dedicated Adobe Connect room for observers to participate. Learn more.
  • Attend the face-to-face meeting in Madrid. The agenda and remote participation information will be posted here. Check back regularly for updates.
  • Follow our work! Bookmark the SSR2 wiki to make sure you stay informed of our progress and upcoming meetings.


Emily Taylor

SSR2 Review Team Co-Chair

Denise Michel

Anterior SSR2 Review Team Co-Chair

Eric Osterweil

SSR2 Review Team Co-Chair