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Accountability Indicators Feedback - 25 August to 30 September 2017

9 de octubre de 2017
Por Leo Vegoda

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A report summarizing the feedback received and describing the next steps


We launched the Accountability Indicators in August 2017. This is another way for the organization to demonstrate accountability, and helps you see how we are making progress against our strategic objectives.

This dynamic and interactive site allows you to investigate different dimensions of what we do and who we are. We encourage you to share your feedback so that we can continuously improve it.

We've already had some feedback just one month after launch, which you'll see in this report.

From now on, we'll produce this report each quarter.

Where the Feedback Came From

We track the source of feedback as this gives us some insight into the audience for the Accountability Indicators. In August and September 2017 most feedback came from members of the ICANN Board, as we held several interactive sessions on it.

Source of Feedback


In August and September 2017, we received feedback on goal 1.2, 3.2, and 3.3. The feedback was related to the scope of the measurements provided. We also received feedback about the user interface, feedback system, wording, and a question about the process we used to develop the Accountability Indicators.

Accountability Indicators Strategic Goal Accountability Indicators Feedback Topic

Feedback Impact

Changes Made

  • Some typographical errors were fixed
  • Some additional explanatory text was added to the charts in 1.2

Changes Planned

  • We will be delivering an integrated feedback mechanism

Next Steps

  • You'll be able to send your feedback via a form as part of our ticketing system, rather than an email.
  • We will complete a cost/benefit analysis on translating the Accountability Indicators into the other UN languages.
  • We are working on developing the next version of the Accountability Indicators and will seek more input to help focus development where will have the most positive impact.


Leo Vegoda