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A New and Simplified Way to Request Nonpublic gTLD Registration Data

17 de julio de 2023

ICANN organization (org) is currently developing the Registration Data Request Service (RDRS), a new ticketing system designed to handle requests for access to nonpublic registration data related to generic top-level domains (gTLDs). This new, free, and global service will simplify and standardize the way nonpublic data requests are made for both registrars and requestors through the use of a single platform. We are on track to launch the service in late November 2023 with early onboarding for registrars planned for September.

The RDRS offers potential benefits for both registrars and a variety of requestors, including consumer protection advocates, cybersecurity investigators, government officials, intellectual property professionals, law enforcement authorities, and others who have a legitimate interest in accessing nonpublic registration data. By utilizing a single platform and request form, the RDRS will provide a consistent and standardized format for handling these unique requests. It will simplify the process for requestors by automatically identifying the correct registrar for a domain name and to provide the necessary information needed for timely submission and consideration of disclosure requests. Additionally, the RDRS will also benefit registrars. They will be able to manage and track all requests in a single location.

Widespread usage of the RDRS by registrars and requestors will be key to its success. The RDRS is being implemented at the direction of the ICANN Board to gather relevant usage data to help inform policy decisions related to a System for Standardized Access/Disclosure. The more registrars and requestors that use the RDRS, the more accurate and valuable the data collected will be toward making that decision. ICANN org was encouraged in this regard by the support shown from the Registrars Stakeholder Group during ICANN77 (view a recording of the session here) and other community groups.

ICANN org will be holding its second set of public webinars on the RDRS on 27 and 31 July 2023. The webinars will provide an overview of progress made to date on developing the RDRS, including features such as bulk processing for registrars and templates for requestors who frequently submit requests. Registrars, requestors, and the ICANN community are encouraged to join and provide their feedback. Registration information is available here.

We have also developed a flyer that highlights the key benefits of the RDRS for requestors. I encourage you to download the flyer and share it with relevant requestor communities. More information on the new service, including announcements, blogs, and webinar recordings, is available at the RDRS webpage at It will be updated as developments are made. You can also follow ICANN's social media accounts for the org's latest news and updates.


Eleeza Agopian

Eleeza Agopian

Vice President, Strategic Initiatives