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What to Expect at ICANN57: A Guide for Business Stakeholders

13 de octubre de 2016

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This webinar is an introduction to ICANN and the Commercial Stakeholder Group. It is designed for people in the business world who are new to the ICANN Community and interested in the upcoming ICANN57 Public Meeting in Hyderabad, India from 3-9 November 2016.

When: Wednesday, 19 October 2016 13:00-14:00 UTC

Where: Adobe Connect


  • ICANN57 Public Meeting in Hyderabad and sessions of interest
  • Opportunities to follow, participate and join the work of business stakeholders in their various constituency groups
  • Latest topics in the Internet domain name and addressing systems


Members of the ICANN global business engagement team and regional engagement team for the APAC region and representatives from:

  • The Business Constituency
  • The Intellectual Property Constituency
  • The Internet Service Providers & Connectivity Providers Constituency

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