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Location Recommendations Now Being Accepted for ICANN’s 2011 Meeting in North America

22 de julio de 2010

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The modified selection process for ICANN Meeting locations announced last month is now in effect beginning with the 40th meeting to be held 13-18 March 2011 in North America. Those in the geographic region are invited to submit recommendations for specific locations to hold the event. These recommended venues, along with others in the region that meet the selection criteria, will be considered. The final location for the ICANN Meeting will then be selected through the evaluation of both community-recommended and ICANN-identified locations.

Interested parties are encouraged to review the Meeting Selection Criteria, which will be used to guide the evaluation of both community-recommended and ICANN-identified meeting locations. Elements such as cost of the meeting for ICANN and the community, convenience to international airports, availability of sufficient hotel guest rooms in or near the venue, meeting facilities, network infrastructure, personal safety of meeting participants, and total level of financial support will be considered by ICANN in making its final selection of a meeting site.

Those interested in submitting a recommendation for a location to host the Meeting, or a proposal for host-level financial support in North America, are encouraged to submit the online Meeting Location Recommendation Form.

Submission Deadline: 23 August 2010