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ICANN Welcomes Takeover of RegisterFly Data | Direct, automatic transfer of domain names imminent under business deal

29 de mayo de 2007

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MARINA DEL REY, Calif.: ICANN has welcomed today's® announcement that it will take over the entire portfolio of more than 850,000 generic top-level domain (gTLD) names held by RegisterFly.

"The RegisterFly situation has been extremely difficult -- first and foremost for registrants, as well as for the entire registry and registrar community," said Dr Paul Twomey, ICANN's President and CEO.

ICANN's understanding is that and the gTLD registries holding RegisterFly names have worked out the mechanics for restoring, renewing, and redeeming names intending that no names will be inadvertently dropped. According to the terms of the transfer agreement, RegisterFly domain names and the data underlying the available proxy service will also be transferred. People with domain names registered with RegisterFly can contact at 480-366-3500 with any questions about the transfer. also has a question and answer sheet available at

"ICANN had been actively seeking participants to act as a transfer provider to bulk transfer RegisterFly records to another accredited registrar," Dr Twomey said. "We have ended that process because the agreement is a better solution for RegisterFly customers since it's a direct and automatic transfer to a competent and experienced customer service oriented organization."

Afilias and VeriSign, the two registries with the most RegisterFly names, have forgone considerable fees for transfers. The gTLD registries GNR, NeuStar and PIR also acted to prevent deletion of names. As well, Tucows took uncompensated effort to provide data and pursue a solution that would protect registrants. In each step of this situation, ICANN and these organizations worked to serve and protect the interests of registrants.

"I want to commend the organizations that have come to the table to ensure people's domain names were protected to the extent possible," Dr Twomey added. "Especially, I also want to thank the registrars that came forward to express an interest in acting as the transfer program ICANN was developing, but which now will not be required. The work contributed by their participation will lead to the creation of a standard process that will better protect registrants."

"After the passionate comments in response to my blog posting about this ordeal, we decided to step up," said Bob Parsons, CEO and Founder of "It's what many RegisterFly customers asked us to do."

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