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ICANN Calls for Proposals to Host 2008 Meetings

23 de mayo de 2007

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Related Announcement: Clarification of Request For Proposals to Host ICANN Meetings, 25 May 2007

ICANN is actively soliciting proposals from organisations seeking to host ICANN International Public Meetings in 2008. The ICANN Meetings Committee has previously agreed upon the following locations and dates:

  • 10-15 February 2008, Asia Pacific
  • 22-27 June 2008, Europe
  • 2-7 November 2008, Africa

ICANN International Public Meetings have seen a 125% increase in participation since the Annual Meeting in 2004. Acknowledging this growth, significant changes have been made to the requirements to host an ICANN meeting. The specifications outlined in the Request for Proposals reflect these changes, with ICANN assuming more responsibility for planning and finances. Any questions on these changes or other aspects of the call for proposals should be addressed to the ICANN Meeting Staff .

The Request for Proposals to Host ICANN Meetings in 2008 can be found at

Proposals to host any of the three meetings in 2008 will be accepted through 15 June 2007.