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ICANN Announces New Staff Appointments

12 de octubre de 2005

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ICANN is pleased to announce the following new staff appointments:

Finance Team

ICANN wishes to announce the strengthening of its Finance team with the appointment of the following staff:

Melanie Keller: CFO

Melanie has an extensive career as a senior finance professional in both for profit and not for profit sectors. Most recently she was Corporate Controller for Sunkist Growers and also acted as an independent consultant. Prior to this Melanie was employed in a variety of senior positions in the entertainments industry for Sovereign Pictures, Warner Brothers and 2Oth Century Fox. Melanie's expertise will be invaluable in managing ICANN's increasingly complex revenue streams.

Komaki Takekoshi: Accountant

Komaki is a finance professional who has been employed in a number of not for profit organizations, most recently as Accountant for ExED, a Los Angeles based non-profit that provides accounting and finance services to charter schools. Prior to this Komaki held finance positions at Springfield Schools and the University of Oregon between 1999 and 2003.

Komaki is a Japanese national resident in the US, and holds a BS in Accounting from the University of Oregon.

Tess Llamas: Financial Analyst

Tess also has experience in the not for profit sector, being most recently employed as Manager Financial reporting for LA Inc Convention and Visitors Bureau. Prior to this Tess was finance executive to Rentacolor, a family owned business, and Digitel, a Phillipines telecommunications company.

Tess is a Philippines national resident in the US and holds a BS degrees in Business Administration and also in Information Science.

Other Appointments

Diane Schroeder

Diane is well known within ICANN having fulfilled the role of CFO. Diane has been appointed to the new role of General Manager conferences, administration and finance.


Jacob Malthouse: Regional Liaison Canada and the Caribbean

Jacob joins ICANN from the United Nations where he has held the position of program manager for the UN's environment program finance initiative since 2002. Prior to this he held an internship within the UN. He brings experience in international relations issues which will be invaluable in his new role.

Jacob is a Canadian national and holds a BA in Cultural Geography and Economics.