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Amendment No. 6 to Registry Agreement (.pro)

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Amendment No. 6 to Registry Agreement (.pro)

( 2 November 2009 )

Amendment No. 6 to the .PRO Registry Agreement

ICANN and Registry Services Corporation agree that the following modification is made to the .PRO Registry Agreement dated 3 May 2002:

[Old Text]

3.14.4. Fee Caps. The Fixed Registry-Level Fee Cap shall be US$80,000 per year until and including 30 June 2002; shall automatically increase by 15% on July 1 of each year beginning in 2002; and may be increased by a greater amount in the manner provided by Subsection 4.3 The sum of the Fixed Registry-Level Fees and the Variable Registry-Level Fees due to be paid in any year ending on any 30 June during or within one year after the Term of this agreement by all TLD sponsors and registry operators having sponsorship or registry agreements with ICANN shall not exceed the Total Registry-Level Fee Cap described in the following sentence. The Total Registry-Level Fee Cap shall be US$5,500,000 for the fiscal year ending 30 June 2002; shall increase by 15% each fiscal year thereafter; and may be increased by a greater amount in the manner provide by Subsection 4.3.

[New Text]

3.14.4. Fee Caps: Registry Operator shall pay ICANN a Registry-Level Fee equal to (i) the Registry Fixed Fee of US$2,500 per calendar quarter and (ii) the Registry-Level Transaction Fee. The Registry-Level Transaction Fee will be equal to the number of annual increments of an initial or renewal domain name registration (at one or more levels, and including renewals associated with transfers from one ICANN-accredited registrar to another, each a “Transaction”), during the applicable calendar quarter multiplied by US$0.20, provided, however that the Registry-Level Transaction Fee shall not apply until and unless more than 50,000 domain names are registered in the TLD and shall apply thereafter to each Transaction.”


The parties have duly executed this Amendment as of the date first written below.

  • By:_________________________
  • Name: Kurt Pritz
  • Title: Senior Vice President, Services
  • Date:________________________
  • By:__________________________
  • Name: Catherine Sigmar
  • Title: General Manager
  • Date:_________________________


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