Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) Registry Agreements

gTLD Registry Agreements establish the rights, duties, liabilities, and obligations ICANN requires of registry operators to run gTLDs.

Amendment No. 4 to the .ORG Registry Agreement

(1 March 2012)

ICANN and Public Interest Registry agree that the following modification is made to the 8 December 2006 .ORG Registry Agreement:

Appendix 6

[Old Text]

B. Additional Second-Level Reservations. In addition, the following names shall be reserved at the second level:

  • All single-character labels.
  • All two-character labels shall be initially reserved.

[New Text]

B. Additional Second-Level Reservations. In addition, the following names shall be reserved at the second level:

  • All single and two-character labels that were previously reserved by the Registry in the Registry Agreement may be allocated through ICANN-accredited registrars, based upon implementation of a phased allocation program as further set forth in Appendix 7. The reservation of a two-character label string shall be released to the extent that the Registry reaches agreement with the government and country-code manager, or the ISO 3166 maintenance agency, whichever appropriate. The Registry may also propose release of these reservations based on its implementation of measures to avoid confusion with the corresponding country codes.

Appendix 7 – New Section 7. Additional Services.

[New Text]

7. Additional Services

.ORG Single and Two Character Phased Allocation Program ("Phased Allocation Program"). The domain names included within the scope of the Phased Allocation Program shall be limited to single and two-character .ORG domain names. Registry Operator reserves the right to allocate less than all of the previously reserved single and two-character .ORG domain names.

Pursuant to the Phased Allocation Program, Registry Operator shall allocate the domain names through an auction process to registrants who commit to building out the domain with a sound marketing and branding strategy to include but not limited to a strong focus on quality, creativity, and the ability to launch the initiative in a timely manner.

The domain names allocated via the Phased Allocation Program are an exception to the Maximum Service Fee described in Section 7.3(a) of the .ORG Registry Agreement. Revenue derived from the Phased Allocation Program will be considered in the calculation of the average annual price of registrations for purposes of Section 7.2(a).

The parties have duly executed this Amendment as of the date first written below.



Name: Kurt J. Pritz

Title: Senior Vice President, Stakeholder Relations

Public Interest Registry

Name: David W. Maher

Title: Senior Vice President – Law & Policy