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Proposed Unsponsored TLD Agreement: Appendix X (.name)

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Proposed Unsponsored TLD Agreement: Appendix X (.name)

Posted: 5 March 2001


The domains to be reserved by The Global Name Registry are as follows:

Employee names

The Global Name Registry shall register the firstname.lastname.name versions of all current employees' names, provided no more than 1000 such names are under registration at any time.

2nd level reservations

The following second level domains are restricted:

Names staying with GNR in the event of reassignment:

1. global.name
2. globalregistry.name
3. theglobal.name
4. theglobalname.name
5. theglobalnameregistry.name
6. theglobalregistry.name

When the corporate identity of The Global Name Registry is changed Appendix X will be amended to incorporate 2nd level domain variations on the new identity.

Names staying with the Registry in the event of reassignment

1. alerts.name
2. cert.name
3. certificate.name
4. directory.name
5. dns.name
6. dotname.name
7. findyour.name
8. findyourfamily.name
9. findyourname.name
10. finger.name
11. ftp.name
12. getyour.name
13. getyourname.name
14. gopher.name
15. hostmaster.name
16. imap.name
17. ldap.name
18. login.name
19. myname.name
20. name.name
21. namedomain.name
22. nameregistry.name
23. nntp.name
24. ntp.name
25. pop.name
26. pop3.name
27. registry.name
28. registeryour.name
29. registeryourname.name
30. scp.name
31. security.name
32. smtp.name
33. snmp.name
34. telnet.name
35. thenamedomain.name
36. thenameregistry.name
37. yourname.name
38. zone.name

3rd level reservations

The following third level domains are reserved and will stay with the Registry in the event of reassignment:

1. dir.????.name
2. directory.????.name
3. email.????.name
4. genealogy.????.name
5. http.????.name
6. mail.????.name
7. mx[1,100].????.name (i.e. mx1.????.name, mx23.????.name)
8. ns[1,100].????.name
9. wap.????.name
10. www[1,100].????.name

Names for creating awareness and proliferation of the .name concept

The following names will be reserved and belongs to the Registry. These names might be allocated to another entity during the Term of the Agreement.

1. jesus.christ.name
2. santa.claus.name

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