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gTLD Registry Agreements establish the rights, duties, liabilities, and obligations ICANN requires of registry operators to run gTLDs.

Proposed Unsponsored TLD Agreement: Appendix C, Part 9 (.name)

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Proposed Unsponsored TLD Agreement: Appendix C,
Part 9 (.name)

(8 August 2003)

Functional Specifications

Part 9 - Registrar Reports

GNR will provide a reporting service allowing Registrars to retrieve reports on their customer base. These reports will be posted to a secure site (i.e. FTP/SCP) that can be accessed by the individual Registrar by entering username and passcode. The format for reports will be easily machine-readable by registrars (i.e. XML, CSV). Naming convention of reports will identify the registrar, the date the report was created and indicate subject of the report. The Registry will archive copies of all reports created.

These reports are:

1. Daily Reconciliation Reports created from Account transaction logs
2. Daily and Monthly Registrar Cumulative Report for domain-names registrations separately for second and third level registrations.
3. Database report on all registrations the registrar owns. This report can be requested at any time from the Registrar section of the Registry Operator website.

The Registrar Cumulative Reports include:

  • Total .name domain-names "registered", and total requests "unavailable" and "invalid" per registration level.

  • Total .name SLD Email addresses "registered" and total requests "unavailable" and "invalid"

  • Total .name Defensive Registrations "registered", and total requests "unavailable" and "invalid"

  • Total .name NameWatch registrations "registered" and total requests "invalid"

  • Total Account Balance


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