Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) Registry Agreements

gTLD Registry Agreements establish the rights, duties, liabilities, and obligations ICANN requires of registry operators to run gTLDs.

Proposed Unsponsored TLD Agreement: Appendix C, Part 14 (.name)

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Proposed Unsponsored TLD Agreement: Appendix C,
Part 14 (.name)

(3 July 2001)

Functional Specifications

Part 14 - RFCs and Other Relevant Documentation

RFC 954

K. Harrenstien, SRI
M. Stahl, SRI
E. Feinler, SRI
October, 1985

RFC 959

File Transfer Protocol
J. Postel, ISI
J. Reynolds, ISI
October, 1985

RFC 1034

Domain names - Concepts and Facilities
P. Mockapetris, ISI
November, 1987

RFC 1035

Domain names - Implementation and Specification
P. Mockapetris, ISI
November, 1987

RFC 1305

Network Time Protocol (version 3). Specification, Implementation and Analysis.
David L. Mills, University of Delaware
March, 1992

RFC 1536

Common DNS Implementation Errors and Suggested Fixes
A. Kumar, ISI
J. Postel, ISI
C. Neuman, ISI
P. Danzig, USC
S. Miller, USC
October, 1993

RFC 1652

SMTP Service Extension for 8bit-MIMEtransport
J. Klensin, WG Chair, MCI
N. Freed, Editor, Innosoft
M. Rose, Dover Beach Consulting, Inc.
E. Stefferud, Network Management Associates, Inc.
D. Crocker, Silicon Graphics, Inc.
July, 1994

RFC 1834

Whois and Network Information Lookup Service, Whois++.
J. Gargano, University of California, Davis
K. Weiss, University of California, Davis
August, 1995

RFC 1835

Architecture of the WHOIS++ service.
R. Schoultz, KTHNOC
August, 1995

RFC 1913

Architecture of the Whois++ Index Service.
C. Weider, Bunyip
J. Fullton, CNIDR
S. Spero, EIT
February, 1996

RFC 1914

How to Interact with a Whois++ Mesh.
P. Faltstrom, Bunyip Information Systems, Inc.
R. Schoultz, KTHNOC
C. Weider, Bunyip Information Systems, Inc.
February, 1996

RFC 1995

Incremental Zone Transfer in DNS
M. Ohta, Tokyo Institute of Technology.
August, 1996

RFC 1996

A Mechanism for Prompt Notification of Zone Changes (DNS NOTIFY)
P. Vixie, ISC
August, 1996

RFC 2045

MIME Part 1: Format of Internet Message Bodies
N. Freed, Innosoft
N. Borenstein, First Virtual
November, 1996

RFC 2046

MIME Part 2: Media Types
N. Freed, Innosoft
N. Borenstein, First Virtual
November, 1996

RFC 2047

MIME Part 3: Message Header Extensions for Non-ASCII Text
K. Moore, Univeristy of Tennessee
November, 1996

RFC 2048

MIME Part 4: Registration Procedures
N. Freed, Innosoft
J. Klensin, MCI
J. Postel, ISI
November, 1996

RFC 2049

MIME Part 5: Conformance Criteria and Examples
N. Freed, Innosoft
N. Borenstein, First Virtual
November, 1996

RFC 2076

Common Internet Message Headers
J. Palme, Stockholm University / KTH
February, 1997

RFC 2136

Dynamic Updates in the Domain Name System (DNS UPDATE)
P. Vixie, Editor, ISC
S. Thomson, Bellcore
Y. Rekhter, Cisco
J. Bound, DEC
April, 1997

RFC 2142

Mailbox Names For Common Services and Functions
Network Working Group
D. Crocker, Internet Mail Consortium
May, 1997

RFC 2167

Referral Whois (RWhois) Protocol V1.5. S.
S. Williamson
M. Kosters
D. Blacka
J. Singh
K. Zeilstra
Network Solutions, Inc.
June, 1997

RFC 2228

FTP Security Extensions
M. Horowitz, Cygnus Solutions
S. Lunt, Bellcore
October, 1997

RFC 2277

IETF Policy on Character Sets and Languages
H. Alvestrand, UNINETT
January, 1998

RFC 2279

UTF-8, a transformation format of ISO 10646
F. Yergeau, Alis Technologies
January, 1998

RFC 2308

Negative Caching of DNS Queries (DNS NCACHE)
M. Andrews, CSIRO
March, 1998

RFC 2505

Anti-Spam Recommendations for SMTP MTAs
G. Lindberg, Chalmers University of Technology
February, 1999

RFC 2535

Domain Name System Security Extensions
D. Eastlake, IBM
March, 1999

RFC 2821

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
J. Klensin, Editor, AT&T Laboratories
April 2001

RFC 2822

Internet Message format
P. Resnick, Editor, QUALCOMM Inc.
April 2001

RFC 2832

NSI Registry Registrar Protocol (RRP) Version 1.1.0
S. Hollenbeck, Network Solutions, Inc. Registry
M. Srivastava, Network Solutions, Inc. Registry
May, 2000

RFC 2845

Secret Key Transaction Authentication for DNS (TSIG)
P. Vixie, ISC
O. Gudmundsson, NAI Labs
D. Eastlake 3rd, Motorola
B. Wellington, Nominum
May, 2000

RFC 2870

Root Name Server Operation Requirements
R. Bush, Verio
D. Karrenberg, RIPE NCC
M. Kosters, Network Solutions
R. Plzak, SAIC
June, 2000

RFC 2920

SMTP Service Extension for Command Pipelining
N. Freed, Innosoft,
September, 2000

RFC 2929

Domain Name System (DNS) IANA Considerations
D. Eastlake, 3rd, Motorola
E. Brunner-Williams, Engage
B. Manning, ISI
September, 2000

RFC 3007

Secure Domain Name System (DNS) Dynamic Update
B. Wellington, Nominum,
November, 2000


Generic Registry-Registrar Protocol Requirements
S. Hollenbeck, VeriSign Global Registry Services
April, 2001


Extensible Provisioning Protocol
S. Hollenbeck, VeriSign Global Registry Services
June, 2001

ISO 3166-1

Codes for the representation of names of countries and their subdivisions

ITU-T Recommendation E.164

The International Public Telecommunication Numbering Plan

Complement To ITU-T Recommendation E.164

List of ITU-T Recommendation E.164 assigned country codes

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