Generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD) Registry Agreements

gTLD Registry Agreements establish the rights, duties, liabilities, and obligations ICANN requires of registry operators to run gTLDs.

.museum Agreement Appendix 6 | Schedule of Reserved Names

.museum Agreement Appendix 6 | Schedule of Reserved Names
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.MUSEUM Agreement Appendix 6
Schedule of Reserved Names

(3 November 2007)

.MUSEUM Appendix 6
Schedule of Reserved Names

Except to the extent that ICANN otherwise expressly authorizes in writing, the Sponsor shall reserve names formed with the following labels from initial (i.e. other than renewal) registration within the Sponsored TLD:

A. Labels Reserved at All Levels. The following names shall be reserved as labels forming part of Registered Names within the Sponsored TLD:

ICANN-related names:

  •  aso
  •  gnso
  •  icann
  •  internic
  •  ccnso

IANA-related names:

  •  afrinic
  •  apnic
  •  arin
  •  example
  •  gtld-servers
  •  iab
  •  iana
  •  iana-servers
  •  iesg
  •  ietf
  •  irtf
  •  istf
  •  lacnic
  •  latnic
  •  rfc-editor
  •  ripe
  •  root-servers

B. Additional Second-Level Reservations. In addition, the following names shall be reserved at the second level:

  • All single-character labels.

  • All two-character labels shall be initially reserved. The reservation of a two-character second-level label shall be released to the extent that the Sponsor reaches agreement with the government and manager of the country-code TLD designated by that label, or with the ISO 3166 maintenance agency, whichever appropriate. The Sponsor may also propose release of these reservations based on its implementation of measures to avoid confusion with the corresponding country codes.

C. Tagged Domain Names:
All labels with hyphens in the third and fourth character positions (e.g., "bq--1k2n4h4b" or "xn--ndk061n")

D. Second-Level Reservations for Registry Operations. The following names are reserved for use in connection with the operation of the registry for the Sponsored TLD. They may be used by the Sponsor, but upon conclusion of Sponsor's designation as the Sponsor for the Sponsored TLD they shall be transferred as specified by ICANN:

  • nic
  • whois
  • www

E. Sponsor may register up to 4,000 domain names directly with the Registry Operator, as outlined in Appendix S, Part VII, and keep these names under direct management until the conclusion of its designation by ICANN as the sponsor for the Sponsored TLD. At that time all such names that are registered to the Sponsor (but not including those in Part B below) will be transferred at the conclusion of status of sponsor of the registry.

Part A: Names to Be Transferred at Conclusion of Sponsor Status:

Part B: Names to be Retained by Sponsor in the Event of Reassignment:

Part C: Names Subject to other Disposition:
Within 90 days of it being determined that Sponsor will conclude its designation by ICANN as the Sponsor for the Sponsored TLD, Sponsor will submit a list of all names that it has under direct management as described above. This list will indicate any name that has been made available for use by a third party in a manner that might be materially effected by the disposition of that name. Sponsor will, at the same time the list of these reserved names is submitted, notify all parties using the names appearing on it about the pending transfer of management of the registry.