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TLD Sponsorship Agreement: Attachment 1 (.aero)

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TLD Sponsorship Agreement: Attachment 1 (.aero)

Posted: 9 November 2001

.aero Charter

The .aero TLD is intended to serve the global aviation community. In accordance with its Articles of Association, the Sponsor will manage the .aero TLD pursuant to the provisions of this charter ("Charter") and in the interests of the global aviation community. Sponsor will be responsible for establishing registration requirements for the .aero TLD consistent with this Charter.

The .aero TLD is restricted to people, entities and government agencies which: (1) provide for and support the efficient, safe, and secure transport of people and cargo by air; and (2) facilitate or perform the necessary transactions to transport people and cargo by air.

The Sponsor, with the advice of relevant government and industry representative bodies, may establish stricter requirements for registrants according to the delegation of authority described in Attachment 2.

Without being exhaustive, Sponsor's policies may permit registrations within the global aviation community by the following:

  • aerospace industry
  • airlines
  • airport authorities and airport / aerodrome operators
  • air freight industry
  • air logistics companies
  • air traffic service providers
  • air crews
  • air crew and air transport unions
  • aviation clubs (aero clubs) and their members
  • aviation consultants
  • aviation education and information providers
  • aviation industry associations and other representative bodies
  • aviation insurance associations
  • aviation law associations
  • aviation media
  • aviation suppliers and service providers
  • charter and private aircraft operators
  • civil aviation authorities
  • computer reservations systems
  • general aviation
  • global distribution systems
  • government agencies responsible for providing aviation, facilitation and meteorological services
  • ground handling operators
  • licensed aircraft maintenance and engineering professionals
  • pilots

The Sponsor may extend this list if petitioned to do so by a recognised organization within the global aviation community, provided that any such extension is (1) in accordance with the global aviation community's perceptions about the prevailing scope of the community, (2) is restricted to people, entities, and government agencies which (a) provide for and support efficient, safe, and secure transport of people and cargo by air, and (b) facilitate or perform the necessary transactions to transport people and cargo by air, and (3) ICANN expressly consents to the extension in writing (such consent not to be unreasonably withheld).

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