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Name: chad folk
Date:19 Apr 2022
Affiliation: RDAO
Other Comments

URL's are a very important infrastructure piece to our society and its future. People and Companies recognize this and often take advantage of ICANN UDRP to try and "steal" these valuable assets costing legit owners significant out of pocket expenses. After 20 years, UDRP needs to evolve and upgrade before causing even more damage to legitimate URL owners from these bogus theft attempts. The lack of RDNH enforcement or penalties and lacking clearly defined rules of RDNH, ICANN has the opportunity to upgrade the system for the next 20 years and continue to play a critical role in society and keeping URLs impactful to our society. PLease ICANN, made it a two side playing field and if one gets a RDNH, compensate the out of pocket owner something for his/her time and resources spent defending one's livelihood. Thank You.

Summary of Submission

URLs and the importance to our Society should have a level playing field with Risk Reward Alignements established.