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Universal Acceptance Day for the inclusion of indigenous languages on the internet

Thursday 11 April 2024

Latin America/Caribbean | Tartagal, Argentina | Both Virtual and In Person

Event Description
The National University of Salta (UNSa) is a public academic institution with 8 faculties, one of which is in the town of Tartagal. Its function is closely related to the development and resolution of the region's problems. This region has a great diversity of native peoples who struggle to maintain their ways of existence. One of the central elements of cultural identity is language. Six native languages are spoken: Guaraní, Wichí, Chané, Chorote, Tapiete and Chulupí. Except for Guaraní, none of these languages is represented on the Internet. The objective of the event is to address strategies for the recognition and inclusion of indigenous languages. The proposal includes raising awareness about the AU and the realization of a workshop for the creation and registration of alphabet characters of indigenous languages. They will participate with teachers and students of programming and systems, language and communication, educational institutions, NGOs and indigenous communities.