Secretary's Notice | ccNSO Selection for Board of Directors Seat Number 12 | 7 November 2011

To: Secretary of the ICANN Board
Re: ccNSO Selection for Board of Directors Seat nr 12.

Cc: Steve Crocker, Diane Schroeder.

ICANN Bylaws Article VI, Section 2, Paragraph 1c provides for the Country-Code Names Supporting Organisation (ccNSO) to select members to the ICANN Board of Directors. The ICANN Bylaws Article VI, Section 8, Paragraph 4 also provides that the Supporting Organisation shall give the Secretary of ICANN written notice of its selection not later than five months after the end of the annual meeting. Pursuant to these Bylaws provisions, notice is hereby given that the ccNSO Council has selected Michael Silber to the ICANN Board for a three year term beginning at the end of the June 2012 meeting in Prague i.e at the conclusion of the Mid-year Meeting occurring after the 2011 ICANN annual meeting.

On behalf of the ccNSO Council

Lesley Cowley OBE
Chair – ccNSO Council

Byron Holland
Vice-Chair ccNSO Council

Hiro Hotta
Vice-Chair ccNSO Council