Preliminary Report | Special Meeting of the ICANN Board 31 May 2012

[Formal Minutes are still to be approved by the ICANN Board]

Note: This has not been approved by the Board and does not constitute minutes but does provide a preliminary attempt setting forth the unapproved reporting of the actions from that meeting.

NOTE ON ADDITIONAL INFORMATION INCLUDED WITHIN PRELIMINARY REPORT – ON RATIONALES -- Where available, a draft Rationale for each of the Board's actions is presented under the associated Resolution. A draft Rationale is not final until approved with the minutes of the Board meeting.

A Special Meeting of the ICANN Board of Directors was held on 31 May 2012, starting at 5:00 UTC.

Chairman Steve Crocker called the meeting to order.

In addition to the Chair, the following Directors participated in all or part of the meeting: Sébastien Bachollet; Cherine Chalaby, Chris Disspain, Bill Graham, Bertrand de La Chapelle, Ray Plzak, R. Ramaraj, George Sadowsky, Mike Silber, Bruce Tonkin and Kuo-Wei Wu.

Rod Beckstrom (President and CEO), Heather Dryden, GAC Liaison; Ram Mohan, SSAC Liaison; Erika Mann, Thomas Narten, IETF Liaison; Gonzalo Navarro, Thomas Roessler, TLG Liaison, Judith Vazquez; and Suzanne Woolf, RSSAC Liaison sent apologies.

The Board discussed the current status of the CEO/President search. Information regarding the details of the call shall remain confidential at this time.