Special Meeting of the Board Preliminary Report 18 April 2006

A Special Meeting of the ICANN's Board of Directors was held via teleconference on 18 April 2006 and was called to order at 1:15 P.M. PDT US.

Chairman Vinton G. Cerf presided over the entire meeting. The following other Board Directors participated in all or part of the meeting: Raimundo Beca, Susan Crawford, Mouhamet Diop, Hagen Hultzsch, Joichi Ito, Veni Markovski, Alejandro Pisanty, Hualin Qian, Vanda Scartezini, Peter Dengate Thrush and Paul Twomey. Njeri Rionge was not present.

The following Board Liaisons participated in all or part of the meeting: Steve Crocker, Security and Stability Advisory Committee Liaison; Roberto Gaetano, At Large Advisory Committee Liaison; Daniel Dardailler, Technical Liaison Group Liaison; Thomas Narten, IETF Liaison, Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi, Governmental Advisory Committee Liaison; and Suzanne Woolf, Root Server System Advisory Committee Liaison. John Jeffrey, General Counsel and Board Secretary and other staff members also participated in the meeting.

The Board took the following actions: 1) the Board approved two confidential recommendations from the ICANN Ombudsman though two separate "Sense of the Board" resolutions, and 2) the Board approved a resolution relating to expenditures in support of the "L" root server. The Board unanimously determined that the details and contents of the resolutions on the above matters were not appropriate for public distribution pursuant to Bylaws Article III, Section 5.

More details regarding the other matters discussed in the meeting will be set out in separate minutes of the meeting once approved by the Board.

Vint Cerf adjourned the meeting at 3:04 P.M. PDT US.