Executive Committee of the ICANN Board - Preliminary Report 12 June 2008

The Executive Committee of the ICANN Board of Directors met via teleconference on 12 June 2008. Chairman Peter Dengate Thrush opened the meeting at 20.00 UTC / 1.00 PM PDT US.

The following Executive Committee Members attended the meeting: Peter Dengate Thrush (Chair), Raimundo Beca, Roberto Gaetano (Vice Chair), Rita Rodin and Dr. Paul Twomey. John Jeffrey, General Counsel & Secretary; and, Kurt Pritz, Senior Vice President, Services, also attended the Meeting.

The following items were discussed:

Board Meeting Agenda Setting -- Executive Committee unanimously approved (by all members present) the following proposed agenda for the 27 June 2008 Regular Meeting of the Board, scheduled at the end of the ICANN Paris Meeting:

Proposed Agenda

1) Approval of Minutes from 29 May 2008 (preliminary report is located at http://www.icann.org/minutes/prelim-report-29may08.htm

2) New gTLD Policy and Implementation (possible Action)

3) IDNC / IDN Fast-track (possible action)

4) Domain name tasting - support vote on GNSO motion (possible action)

5) BFC's Recommendations regarding ICANN Budget and Operational Plan for 2008-2009 (possible action)

6) Registrar Accreditation Agreement (status update)

7) PIR DNSSEC Registry Services Proposal (possible action)

8) Review of the Board - Ratification of Executive Committee's Approval of third-party selected by the BGC to conduct the Review (possible action)

9) BGC Recommendations Regarding RSSAC Working Group Charter (possible action)

10) Bylaws Mandated and other Structural Reviews Update

11) GNSO Improvements - support vote on BGC Report (possible action)

12) GNSO Improvements Implementation Recommendations Update (possible action)

13) Receipt of Report of President's Strategy Committee Consultation (possible action)

14) Receipt of Reports from Other Board Committees, Compensation, et. Al. (possible actions)

15) Selection of Mexico City for ICANN Meeting Agreement Update (possible action)

16) Review of Paris Meeting Structure

17) Board Response to Discussions arising from Paris Meeting

18) Other Business

There was general discussion regarding setting the Board’s Workshop agenda for Paris which was then taken offline.

The Meeting was formally adjourned at 21.40 UTC.