Meeting of the Executive Committee Preliminary Report 6 January 2001

At its meeting on 6 January 2001, the ICANN Executive Committee adopted the following resolutions:

Payment of Legal Expenses

Whereas, the Corporation had significant needs for legal services in the months of October and November 2000, including for the implementation of the new TLD program authorized by resolutions 00.46 through 00.51;

Whereas, Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue provided extensive legal services to meet these needs;

Whereas, the Corporation received invoices from Jones, Day totalling $465,553.67 in connection with legal services provided to the Corporation during the months of October and November 2000;

Whereas, the President reviewed the invoices and determined that in his opinion they are proper and should be paid;

Whereas, the President advised the Executive Committee's members of his opinion that the invoices should be paid, and they unanimously advised of their agreement that payment should be made in a timely manner;

Whereas, the President paid the invoices by check;

IT IS THEREFORE RESOLVED [EC01.1] that the President's payment of $465,553.67 to Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue on invoices for legal
services during the months of October and November 2000 is hereby authorized and ratified.

InterNIC License and Services

Whereas, on 4 November 1999, in resolution 99.132, the Board approved the ICANN's entry into various agreements among NSI, the United States Department of Commerce, and ICANN;

Whereas, resolution 99.133 authorized the President to take such actions as appropriate to implement the agreements;

Whereas, one aspect of the agreements was the phase-out of NSI's use of the name "InterNIC" and its operation of certain services provided to the Internet community under that name;

Whereas, the U.S. Department of Commerce has requested ICANN, as contemplated at the time of the November 1999 agreements, to assume the role of providing or coordinating the provision of these services;

Whereas, the President has presented to the Executive Committee a proposed license under which the U.S. Department of Commerce would license the "InterNIC" service mark to ICANN for its use in providing the InterNIC services;

RESOLVED [EC01.2] that the President and Vice-President are authorized to enter into a license for the InterNIC service mark in substantially the form presented to the Executive Committee;

RESOLVED [EC01.3] that the President is authorized to take appropriate steps to provide or arrange for the provision of InterNIC services as contemplated by the license.