Structural Improvements Committee Meeting Minutes 21 September 2009

Attendees: Roberto Gaetano (Chair), Raimundo Beca, Mike Silber, and Jean-Jacques Subrenat

Apologies: Rita Rodin Johnston

Staff attendees: Daniel Halloran, Rob Hoggarth, Marco Lorenzoni, Denise Michel, Margie Milam, and Diane Schroeder

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Discussed and unanimously approved the minutes from the prior meeting.
  2. Discussed the status of the SIC's work to provide a recommendation to the Board on the three Board selections to the GNSO Council in representation of the Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group. Unanimously approved of resolution recommending the Board appointment of the three identified candidates and setting forth further operational issues for the tenure of the Board appointees during the transitional period, subject to further revision by the SIC.
    • Actions:
      • SIC to work with Staff to finalize text of resolution.
      • Staff to present SIC recommendation to the Board for discussion and action.
  3. Received update on the Board review Working Group and Stability and Security Advisory Committee review Group and unanimously approved to recommend to the Board that draft reports be posted for public comment.
    • Action:
      • Staff to present SIC Recommendations to the Board for discussion and action.
  4. Received update on status of the work of the Nominating Committee review Working Group (NomCom WG) and that the NomCom WG is requesting input from community on certain items. The SIC unanimously approved a recommendation that the Board should receive and publish the NomCom WG report for public comments (but noting that the SIC wishes for such work to be produced in a more timely manner in the future). The SIC is not taking any position on the merits of the items referenced in the NomCom WG report at this time.
    • Action:
      • Staff to present the SIC recommendation to the Board for discussion and action