IANA Committee (IC) Meeting Minutes 15 September 2011

IC attendees: Kuo-Wei Wu – Chair; Bertrand de La Chapelle, Thomas Narten, Ray Plzak, and Katim Touray

IC Apologies: Suzanne Woolf

Staff Members Present: Elise Gerich – Vice President, IANA; Jeff Moss – Chief Security Officer; Joe Abley, Samantha Eisner, Amy Stathos, Alina Syunkova, and Leo Vegoda

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Minutes. The IC reviewed and approved the minutes of the previous IC meeting.
  2. IPv4 Depletion: The IC received a report from staff regarding the depletion of IPv4 and associated policy activities within the Regional Internet Registries.
  3. Review of Management of the Key Signing Key After First Year: The IC received an update on the first year of key signing ceremonies, including an explanation that ICANN's processes were audited and awarded SysTrust certification, and the audit will reoccur every year. The IC also received an update on the process for reviewing the process for the key signing ceremonies and transparency around the process for that review.
  4. Review of Open Action Items: Staff updated the IC on the status of action items arising from prior IC meetings, including an item relating to updates on RPKI work.
    • Action:
      • IC Chair to confirm with staff the scope of work regarding root scaling for reporting to the IC.