IANA Committee (IC) Minutes 4 May 2012

IC attendees: Kuo-Wei Wu – Chair; Bertrand de La Chapelle, Bill Graham, Thomas Narten, and Suzanne Woolf

Additional Board Attendees: Steve Crocker

Staff Members Present: Akram Atallah – Chief Operating Officer; Elise Gerich – Vice President, IANA; Michelle Cotton, Samantha Eisner, and Alina Syunkova

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken and actions identified:

  1. Minutes. The IC reviewed and approved the minutes of the previous IC meeting.

  2. Report on IETF Paris Meeting. The IC received a report from staff on the IANA Department activities at the IETF meeting in Paris, including interaction with the community, reviews of deliverables under the Memorandum of Understanding with the IETF and items processed for the IETF and the IETF community, and reporting on the current activities of the IANA Department as it relates to the IETF and the IAB.

  3. IANA Department Self Assessment. Staff provided a report on the 2012 self-assessment arising out of the IANA Department Business Excellence program, demonstrating continued improvement. The IANA Department is now working to expand the scope of key performance indicators used for benchmarking. There is an ongoing customer satisfaction survey with results that will be available in the summer, and the preliminary results appear to be favorable. The IANA Department will then focus efforts on improving areas where the satisfaction level is not as high as the Department would like it to be.

  4. Report on Interaction with RIRs and ASO. Staff provided a brief report on the recent interactions between the IANA Department with the RIRs, including attendance at local RIR meetings and presentations at those meetings. At the ICANN meeting in Costa Rica, ICANN staff worked closely with the LACNIC staff to produce an IPv6 session, and planning is underway with RIPE NCC to produce a similar session at the ICANN meeting in Prague in June. Work is also ongoing on engineering efforts such as planning for work on RPKI, as well as strategic efforts in the I* community.

  5. Workplan for the IC. The IC discussed potential items for the workplan. A review of the charter was suggested in order to determine if the IC is meeting its charter and whether it needs to be revised. The charter review work would be driven primarily by the IC.

    • Action

      • Charter review to be placed on agenda.

      • The IC to determine a committee member responsible for introducing the discussion, potentially through creating a discussion document.

  6. Review of Status of IANA Functions Contract RFP. The IC received a brief report on the status of ICANN's response to the RFP for the IANA Functions Contract.

  7. Transparency of IC Activities. Discussed community member request for earlier access to IC meeting information.

    • Action:

      • Staff to draft proposed response to community member and provide to IC for review.