Executive Committee Meeting 30 May 2006

Executive Committee of the Board

30 May 2006

The Executive Committee of the ICANN Board of Directors met via teleconference on 30 May 2006. Chairman Vint Cerf opened the meeting at 1.06 PM PDT US. The following Executive Committee Members attended the meeting: Vint Cerf (Chair), Demi Getschko, Alejandro Pisanty, and Paul Twomey. Njeri Rionge was not present. John Jeffrey, General Counsel & Secretary, and Kurt Pritz, Vice President, Business Operations, also attended.

The following items were discussed:

Setting of Special Meeting Agenda for 9 June 2006 and 14 June 2006

After a full discussion regarding proposed agenda items from the ICANN Board and Staff, the Executive Committee Members present approved the following Agendas for the 9 June and 14 June 2006 Special Board Meeting.

Njeri Rionge was not present but provided her approval of the proposed meeting agenda topics circulated prior to the Executive Committee Meeting, which varied slightly from the final agendas.

Below are the agreed Board agenda meetings:

A) 9 June 2006 Special Board Meeting

Review of Recommendations from Board's Compensation Committee

Approval of Financial Expenditures for Litigation Expert's Expenses

Delegation of Åland Islands (.AX) Top-Level Domain

Update and Status Report on Audit Progress

Other Business

Any of these items that cannot be brought to conclusion, will be put over for at the next Board Meeting, currently scheduled for 14 June 2006.

B) 14 June 2006 Special Board Meeting

Approval of Outstanding Minutes

Recommendation by Meetings Committee for Board Workshop in Sofia, Bulgaria in October 2006

Additional Consideration of .UA (Ukraine) Redelegation Request

Other Business

Vint Cerf adjourned the Meeting at 1:36 PM PDT.