Executive Committee Meeting 16 January 2008

The Executive Committee of the ICANN Board of Directors met via teleconference on 16 January 2008. Chairman Peter Dengate Thrush opened the meeting at 1.00 PM PDT US. The following Executive Committee Members attended the meeting: Peter Dengate Thrush (Chair), Raimundo Beca, Roberto Gaetano, Rita Rodin and Paul Twomey. John Jeffrey, General Counsel & Secretary; Paul Levins, Vice President, Corporate Affairs; and, Kurt Pritz, Senior Vice President, Services also attended the Meeting.

The following items were discussed:

A) Executive Committee unanimously approved the following agenda for the 23 January 2007 Special Meeting of the Board:

  1. Approval of Minutes for 18 December 2007

  2. GNSO Recommendation on Contractual Conditions for Existing gTLDs (PDP-Feb06)

  3. Discussion of Ongoing Community Dialogue about IDN ccTLDs and gTLDs

  4. ISC (F-Root Operator)/ICANN Mutual Responsibilities Agreement

  5. Proposals to Address Domain Tasting

  6. Compliance Report on Network Solutions’ Domain Reservation Activities

  7. Memoranda of Understanding with the Institute for Information Security Issues (IISI) at the Lomonosov Moscow State University and with Russian Association of Networks and Services (RANS)

  8. GNSO Recommendations on New gTLDs

  9. UDRP Provider Application from Czech Arbitration Court

  10. Update on Status of Bylaws-Mandated Reviews

  11. Board Governance Committee Recommendations on Appointment of Chair and Members of ALAC Review Working Group

  12. Board Governance Committee Recommendation on approval of Contractor for ALAC Review Working Group

  13. Board Governance Committee Recommendation on dissolution of Board Meetings Committee

  14. Redelegation of .AE ( United Arab Emirates)

  15. Supplemental Resolution re: Brussels Branch Office

  16. UPU’s .POST Agreement Update

  17. Update on Preparedness for India ICANN Meeting

  18. Discussion of President/CEO's Report for December 2007

  19. Other Business

B) Executive Committee Other Business – Paul Levins provided a briefing on the budget overages for the India Meeting and discussed cost savings measure that were being implemented. Committee members engaged in dialogue about the reasons for the overages and asked questions regarding the plans to reduce spending in this area of the budget.

The Meeting was formally adjourned at 1:42 PM PDT US.