Minutes | Board Governance Committee (BGC) Meeting 3 March 2017

BGC Attendees: Rinalia Abdul Rahim, Cherine Chalaby, Chris Disspain (Chair), Asha Hemrajani, Markus Kummer, Mike Silber, and Ram Mohan

Other Board member attendees: Becky Burr, Ron da Silva

ICANN Executive and Staff Attendees: Michelle Bright (Board Operations Content Manager), Samantha Eisner (Deputy General Counsel), John Jeffrey (General Counsel and Secretary), Vinciane Koenigsfeld (Board Operations Content Manager), Elizabeth Le (Senior Counsel), Lisa Saulino (Board Operations Senior Coordinator), and Amy Stathos (Deputy General Counsel)

The following is a summary of discussions, actions taken, and actions identified:

  1. Update on the publication of Committee Activity Reports – The BGC received a status update on the publication of Committee Activity Reports, which is expected to be completed once all the reports have been submitted. The BGC noted that the Committee Activity Reports should be added to each Board Committee's work plan.

    • Actions:

      • ICANN Org to follow up on outstanding reports and publish reports.
      • BGC Chair and Board Operations to develop metrics that are appropriate to include in the Activity Reports on a regular basis.
  2. Update on the Board Member Surveys -The BGC discussed the current status of the survey to be completed and sent to the groups that select ICANN Board members. The committee identified a few additional revisions to the current version for finalization and discussed that all Board members will be invited, but not required to complete this survey for each Board member being evaluated. The BGC also discussed the individual Board member 360 Degree Review survey to be used for feedback to the Board member being reviewed. In particular, the Committee discussed the manner in which the 360 Degree Review is conducted, including the manner in which reviewers are selected. The Committee noted that currently reviewers are chosen by the member being reviewed. The Committee discussed whether it would further enhance the review process to have some of the reviewers chosen for the member being reviewed through a random selection method. The Committee also considered whether members of ICANN Organization should be invited to provide feedback to individual Board members.

    • Actions:

      • BGC Chair to revise the survey to be distributed to Board-member selecting groups in accordance with the revisions noted in the meeting.
      • ICANN Org to explore with Executive Team regarding providing ICANN Org feedback as part of the individual Board member 360 Degree Reviews.
      • BGC Chair to revise the 360 Degree Review survey in accordance with revisions discussed during the meeting.
      • Board Operations to ensure that a copy of the 360 Degree Review survey is included in the training materials for new Board members.
  3. Organizational Effectiveness Committee (OEC) Charter Amendment – The BGC discussed the OEC Charter amendments for Board approval. The proposed amendment adds to the OEC charter the responsibility of overseeing specific reviews in additional to organizational reviews. The Committee agreed to recommend that the Board adopt the OEC Charter amendments.

  4. AOB

    • Status Update on Pending Accountability Mechanisms –The Committee received an update on the review that is currently underway regarding the Community Priority Evaluation (CPE) process and the process by which ICANN staff interacted with the CPE Provider.

Published on 15 May 2017