Board Meeting - Agenda 30 September 2009

  1. Consent Agenda

    1. Approval of Minutes from 27 August 2009 Special Board Meeting
    2. Approval of Minutes from 12 September 2009 Special Board Meeting
    3. From the Board Finance Committee
      1. Approval of Technology Support Contractor Agreement
    4. From the Structural Improvements Committee
      1. Appointment of three NCSG GNSO Council
      2. Approval of Change in Bylaws For Reviews from Three Years to Five
      3. Appointment of George Sadowsky to Nominating Committee Review Working
      4. Approval of Posting for Public Comment reports received from the Board Review Working Group, the Nominating Committee Review Working Group and SSAC Review Working
      5. Approval of Recommendation of Board Review Working Group for the Board Governance Committee to undertake Further Analysis of Board Remuneration Main Board Meeting

    Main Board Meeting – For Action and Discussion

    1. From the Board Finance Committee
      Approval of Lease for Palo Alto Office
    2. Status Update on .YU (Yugoslavia) domain
    3. JPA Progress Report
    4. Strategic Planning – Follow on from Discussions at Retreat
    5. Updates Heading into the Seoul Meeting
      1. IDNs & New gTLDs – including Guidebook
      2. GNSO Improvements & Restructuring
        1. General - board submission paper
        2. Status on Charters of New Constituencies
      3. Implementation Recommendations Team for New gTLDs
    6. Thanks to the CEO Search Committee Other Business
    7. Executive Session
      1. From Board Governance Committee
        1. Slate for New Board Positions
      2. From Board Compensation Committee
        1. President & CEO Performance Matrix
        2. Former President & CEO Performance Matrix
        3. Ombudsman Performance Matrix, Compensation & Contract
      3. Senior President – Management of Performance Matrix