Agenda for Board Meeting 21 April 2011

Executive Session

Consent Agenda:

  1. Approval of Minutes of 18 March 2011 ICANN Board Meeting

  2. From the BGC – Organizational Meeting to Fill Leadership Vacancies

  3. From the BGC – Revised Code of Conduct

  4. From the BGC – Input on Academia Representation on NomCom

  5. From the BGC – Approval of Members of Board Technical Relations Working Group

  6. From the SIC – Approval of Charter for Board Technical Relations Working Group

  7. From the SIC – Approval of ccNSO Review Implementation Actions

  8. From the BFC - Formalization of Planning Committee for existing employee retirement savings accounts (401K)

  9. From the BFC - Approval of Increase Of The Registrar Accreditation Application Fee

  10. Approval of Redelegation of .KP (Korea, Democratic People's Republic)

  11. Approval of Tracking of Global Policy for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by IANA

  12. From the Compensation Committee – Approval of Recommendations re Ombudsman Compensation

Main Agenda:

  1. President & CEO's Report

  2. Update on new gTLD Timelines – for discussion

  3. Review of Vertical Integration for Existing gTLD Registry Operators

  4. ATRT

    1. Board Management of ATRT Recommendations

    2. Estimated Budget Implications of ATRT Recommendations for FY2012 Budget

  5. Update on .NET Agreement - Status, timeline, public comments

  6. Report from IANA Committee on discussions re Clarification of Terminology and Requirements for Country-code Top-Level Domain Delegations and Redelegations

  7. Review and possible approval of:

    1. Delegation of الجزائر ("Al Jazair") representing Algeria in Arabic

    2. Delegation of المغرب ("al-Maghrib") representing Morocco in Arabic

    3. Delegation of the .срб ("srb") domain representing Serbia in Cyrillic

  8. Update on NOI

  9. AOB