Agenda | Regular Meeting of the ICANN Board | 30 April 2023

Consent Agenda

  • Public Comment on the Internet Service Providers and Connectivity Providers (ISPCP) Constituency Charter Amendments

  • Appointment of Independent Audit Firm for FY23

  • ICANN80 Contract Decision

Main Agenda

  • Amendments to Registrar Accreditation Agreement & Registry Agreement for RDAP

  • ICANN FY24-28 Operating and Financial Plan, ICANN FY24 Operating Plan and Budget

  • Policy Recommendations concerning Curative Rights Protections for International Governmental Organizations (IGOs)

  • Further Consideration of the Issues Regarding the .GCC Application

  • Further Consideration of the Afilias Domains No. 3 Ltd. v. ICANN (.WEB) Independent Review Process Final Declaration

  • AOB

Published on 24 April 2023