Transcript of the Ombudsman's presentation at Mexico City Public Forum

2 March 2009
By Frank Fowlie

FRANK FOWLIE: Mr. Chairman, as promised I'll be excessively brief, my report has been up on the Web site since Monday, the ombudsman blog has been putting out information since the meeting began and I think everything I could provide is already available so I'd be very happy to take any questions. Again, excessively brief, Mr. Chairman.

PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Just as we like it. Questions for the ombudsman? Questions about the ombudsman? I see one. Jean-Jacques.


JEAN-JACQUES SUBRENAT: Thank you, Chair. Frank, could you just give us a sense of, during this meeting of ICANN in Mexico, how many people came to see you and how many are potentially things which you would take up as ombudsman? I mean apart from the purely information side of things, things.

FRANK FOWLIE: Thank you. Actually, this was the busiest meeting I've — I've had. There were times when I had people in two different rooms. There were times that I was speaking with someone, I had two people waiting outside to speak with me.

There were — I think, Mr. Chairman, I can tell you that we functioned very efficiently. We resolved — or worked with staff to resolve a systemic issue and had a report out for review by stakeholders within 24 hours of receiving systemic — a systemic complaint. With the face-to-face visits, there were probably six issues where I opened a file. Most of them who I was able to conclude during the meeting. There will be the one systemic issue which will be reported to the board. Feedback from the stakeholders thus far has been supportive of the recommendations I have made. And that report will be made public in accordance with Section 4 of Bylaw V.

There were a number of other people who came to visit to generally and look and see inside the fish bowl, to find out what an ombudsman looked like, and we had some very engaging social conversations about ombudsman processes and how dispute resolution systems fit into the overall operation of ICANN. Does that answer your question, Jean-Jacques? Merci beaucoup.

PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Any other questions. If not —

FRANK FOWLIE: Nancy, do you have my music?

[MUSIC] Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries


Frank Fowlie