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The Middle East Regional Strategy Session at ICANN67 to Move to a Webinar

4 March 2020

I would like to explain the changes to our scheduled "Middle East Regional Strategy Session" for ICANN67. We have decided to cancel the "Middle East Regional Strategy Session" at ICANN67, and instead hold a webinar to seek input from the community on the draft Middle East and Adjoining Countries (MEAC) Regional Strategy for Fiscal Years 2021-2025 [PDF, 417 KB]. The webinar will take place at 14:00 UTC on 18 March 2020. You can learn more about the participation details here.

As in previous regional strategies, this effort is led by the regional community with support from ICANN's Global Stakeholder Engagement (GSE) Middle East team. The primary objective is aligning the regional needs and priorities with the ICANN FY 2021-2025 Strategic Plan.

The draft regional strategy was posted on 18 February 2020 for public comment. It builds on four of the five strategic focus areas set forth in the ICANN Strategic Plan. For each focus area, there is a set of proposed goals and targeted outcomes, in accordance with the needs of the region.

I strongly encourage you to read through the draft regional strategy [PDF, 417 KB] before joining the webinar to help us have a fruitful discussion. I would also invite you to share your input and suggestions via the public comment process, which will remain open until 23.59 UTC on 3 April 2020.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Middle East and Adjoining Countries Strategy Working Group for leading this important effort.


Baher Esmat

Baher Esmat

VP, Stakeholder Engagement - Middle East & Managing Director MEA