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Preview of ICANN73 Participation Metrics and ICANN74 Preparations

14 March 2022
By Nick Tomasso

Thank you to everyone who helped make the ICANN73 Virtual Community Forum a success. More than 1,570 attendees participated from 146 countries and territories.

ICANN73 Statistics

Here is a preview of the regional breakdown of participants:

  • Africa – 202 (13%)
  • Asia, Australia, and Pacific Islands – 346 (22%)
  • Europe – 350 (22%)
  • Latin America and the Caribbean – 120 (8%)
  • North America – 560 (35%)

The full ICANN73 By the Numbers Report, which will include more in-depth statistics, will be released within a few weeks.

If you missed anything during ICANN73, session recordings and transcripts will be available on the ICANN73 meeting site here.

Preparations for ICANN74

As we begin to turn our focus to ICANN74, we are excited to pilot our hybrid strategy for the meeting in The Hague.

ICANN organization has consistently provided remote participation opportunities since long before the COVID-19 pandemic. No matter where we are located or how we are delivering content, we are committed to helping participants engage. Now, we are working even harder to ensure hybrid meetings provide an equitable platform for both in-person and remote participants to share ideas, engage, and contribute. This is in addition to the health and safety of the ICANN community and staff remaining our top priority.

We look forward to supporting an inclusive Policy Forum with an equal opportunity for all to engage on important policy matters.

Stay tuned for more updates on ICANN74 in the coming weeks.


Nick Tomasso