Ombudsman Report at the Seoul Meeting

29 October 2009

Office of the Ombudsman

The Chair, Thank you for the reminder. I've just reminded that I haven't called on the ombudsman for his report and I apologize for that. Frank, the ombudsman's report.
>>FRANK FOWLIE: Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Two days from now will mark the fifth anniversary of my being appointed to the office of the ombudsman, so this is the fifth annual report of the office. It's available outside, and I'd encourage people to pick up a copy of it.

There is a prepared text. It's under the public forum label or link for — for the meeting, but I just wanted to take you through a couple of numbers. Since the office began five years ago, there have been 2,425 complaints or contacts made to the office. 247 of which were in the jurisdiction established in the bylaws which means it's an act, a decision, or inaction by the board, staff, or supporting organizations.

There have been 12 formal reports filed in accordance with bylaw 5 to the board, with a total of 39 recommendations for action by the organization. There are presently no files in backlog. The ombudsman has been in travel status for a total of 693 days in five years. The annual report is published in six languages, and complaints have been received from 71 different countries over a five year period.

Last night, the latest report was filed with the board, and an abridged copy was put on the ombudsman's Web site. And that's my report and I'm leaving the stage and I will table a copy of the fifth annual report with the secretary.

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Thank you very much, Mr. Ombudsman.

Office of the Ombudsman