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North American Regional gathering of Registries and Registrars

30 January 2007
By Paul Levins

Just a quick note to advise that ICANN last night hosted representatives from a range of Registries and Registrars at our office in Marina Del Rey in California.

It was a precursor to a North American Regional gathering that was held today and will continue tommorrow. Around 65 people are in attendance. Amongst others, I attended today and gave a presentation on what we are doing on transparency and accountability and other things. Not surprisingly the meeting had a strong business focus. I think transparency and accountability are crucial for business certainty.

The other thing I think that is crucial – not just for business – is certainty of process. I think we can do more at ICANN to make our processes clearer and more certain for users as a result.

More reflections on this last point in the future.

But for now – thanks to Tim Cole and Craig Schwartz from ICANN for organising the event.

How about an update later in the week Tim/Craig?


Paul Levins