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New Member of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee: “Latin America and the Caribbean need spaces to carry their voice and vision”

30 October 2013

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On October 23, the ICANN Board selected an expert of the Latin American and Caribbean Internet community as a new member of the Security and Stability Advisory Committee, SSAC: Carlos Martinez from LACNIC (the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean). To learn more about Carlos and what, according to him, this news means for the region, read the following conversation between two colleagues from the “Casa de Internet” of Latin America and the Caribbean.

AD: How do you feel about this news?

CM: Personally, it represents an important recognition considering that the members of this Committee include people with extensive experience that are well recognized internationally. The fact that I have been accepted is also recognition for the work we do in LACNIC, because everything I do always had the support of my organization.

AD: What does it mean for the region to have a representative on the Committee, considering that other members of Latin America are leaving later this year?

CM: I think it is important that representatives from the region participate both in this and other ICANN groups because Latin America and the Caribbean need spaces to carry their voice and vision on different issues, in this case regarding security. In that sense I hope to contribute to the group with a regional perspective so that the SSAC can produce reports that are as relevant as possible to our Internet community.

AD: What is the relevance of the Committee in the current Internet landscape?

CM: While the security debate has been very present in the press in the recent months, the issue is being discussed since long ago and the very creation of the SSAC in 2002 responded to the need for expert advice on these issues. As it stands now, the Committee is even more important in the sense that, too often, security issues are discussed lightly in the press and we need to have expert reports and documents on the subject.

Congratulations Carlos!

Contact information:

Carlos Martinez
Casa de Internet of Latin America and the Caribbean
Rambla República de México 6125
Montevideo, Uruguay.


Alex Dans

Alex Dans

Communications Director, the Americas