Kevin, Stop The Nonsense: Take the Logo Down and Give us the Data

28 March 2007
By Paul Levins

To all affected by RegisterFly, I am very sorry for not having provided an update to the Blog before this. We have not been idle.

We are pursuing RegisterFly as hard as we can. The latest development is that ICANN’s General Counsel, John Jeffrey, has sent a letter to Kevin Medina telling him his ‘time is up’. Read the letter [pdf] for yourself but the key point is he should give ICANN accurate data and do it now. RegisterFly has twice now given us data. The first time it was insufficient. When we pointed that out and asked a second time – guess what? They sent us exactly the same data – insufficient only this time out of date. We need the data to allow a bulk transfer when they have their accreditation terminated.

Secondly, RegisterFly still has ICANN’s logo on it’s website even though we have demanded they take it down.

Kevin Medina is the CEO of RegisterFly.

He claims to be acting in the interests of registrants – his customers.

Every day ICANN hears from yet another registrant (another customer of yours, Kevin) saying they want to transfer away from RegisterFly but there are delays, calls that go unanswered, people put on hold without response etc, etc, etc.

So Kevin, here’s the thing: why don’t you REALLY act in the interests of registrants if you are serious. Stop mucking around with people’s lives and livelihoods. You could allow ICANN to authorise a bulk transfer, today, now, this minute. You could take the ICANN logo down today, now, this minute.

You could stop all this RIGHT NOW….and you should.

We won’t stop pursuing you under the Agreement Kevin. So get on with it.


Paul Levins