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Join An ITI Webinar and Get a Preview of the Changes Coming to icann.org

24 November 2020

In September 2020, the ICANN org's Information Transparency Initiative (ITI) team announced that we had added new content and improved previously released content to https://preview.icann.org. We also announced that we would hold two webinars on Tuesday 1 December 2020 to demonstrate the changes we implemented to improve your search experience. Please register for one of these sessions via the links below.

Webinar #1
Tuesday 1 December 2020
15:00 UTC (all other times: https://tinyurl.com/y2nt2xlr)
Registration: https://icann.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYrdeGgpjsoGt3ELM9R3OiXdONQ3gn2vGrm

Webinar #2
Tuesday 1 December 2020
22:00 UTC (all other times: https://tinyurl.com/y4k6zqge)
Registration: https://icann.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJcvfumhrD8rG9Ost34DYBtaMBxKo1LkOlMg

The ITI team will demonstrate the enhancements to Correspondence, Board Materials, and Acronyms and Terms, and answer any questions.

  • Correspondence – New findability improvements include keyword(s) search allowing you to narrow your search within Correspondence files, an advanced year selector, a helpful sub-navigation menu, and an improved table layout to enhance accessibility and readability.
  • Board Meeting Materials – We've made upgrades to this content type since its May 2020 release. The keyword(s) search has been implemented and improved, and most Board Meeting files and pages from 1998-2019 are now available via filtered or keyword search.
  • Acronyms and Terms – Improvements to the existing release include alignment with ITI's new user experience, additional terms added in all six U.N. languages, and a new sub-navigation menu.

Before the webinar, visit the current content on https://icann.org and then experiment with the improved search available via http://preview.icann.org. During the webinar, let us know what you think. Are the search filters useful? Are there enhancements you would like to add? What don't you like?

Your Feedback is Vital

Since ITI's inception, we have sought community input through our feedback site, sessions at ICANN Public Meetings, webinars, and smaller, informal sessions targeted to specific user groups. Your feedback is vital to ensuring we are delivering the improvements you need to more easily find content on http://icann.org. Through these sessions and your input, we've implemented the changes you have suggested, so your feedback does matter.

Upcoming Improvements to icann.org Content Subscriptions

As we've shared in previous blogs and webinars, we will be launching a new content subscription service for https://icann.org. Currently, users can sign up for email alerts on a daily and weekly basis for newly published Announcements.

The new service will be expanded to include email alerts for Blogs, Public Comment, and topics that interest you. Based on the new ICANN taxonomy and the work the ITI team completed to tag all content, you will be able to select from a list of categories and topics that interest you. Once selected, you will receive email alerts about that specific content when new content is published to https://icann.org. This is part of our effort to improve search and deliver content that matters most to you, directly to your inbox.

The first version will allow you to sign up for Announcements and Blogs, and later releases will include Public Comment and ICANN topics of interest. We will provide instructions on how to sign up via ICANN Account (ICANN's Single Sign-On Service) in early 2021. Existing subscribers to Announcements will need to sign up for this new service but your existing Announcement alert will still be available until the new service is launched. The current sign in feature on https://icann.org (located in the upper righthand corner) was sunset in 2017. This sign in will be temporarily removed, as we work to implement the new service.

Thank you again for your feedback and don't forget to register for our webinars. If you have questions for the ITI team, email: informationtransparency@icann.org

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ITI is an operational activity to improve ICANN's content governance and infrastructure. ITI's goals include:

  • Creating an integrated ongoing, operational process to govern, preserve, organize, and secure ICANN's public content.
  • Implementing this governance through a new document management system (DMS), the content foundation for ICANN ecosystem-wide governance.
  • Surfacing this content through a new content management system (CMS), which will serve as the backbone for ICANN's external web properties.
  • Enabling a multilingual user experience (in the U.N. six languages) and aim to adhere to W3C AA accessibility standards.
  • Upgrading and establish a future-proof and content agnostic technology landscape.


Sally Newell Cohen

Sally Newell Cohen

SVP, Global Communications