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ICANN’s World Summit on the Information Society 20-Year Review Outreach Efforts

2 April 2024

I am pleased to announce the launch of the WSIS+20 webpage on icann.org and the ICANN WSIS+20 Outreach Network. The World Summit on the Information Society: 20-year review (WSIS+20) Outreach Network brings together like-minded stakeholders to facilitate coordinated efforts leading up to the WSIS+20 negotiations in 2025. Interested individuals and organizations from around the world are invited to join this collaborative effort. As part of our initiative to provide communication and exchange information about WSIS+20, we have established a WSIS+20 Outreach Network mailing list. By subscribing to this mailing list, you can stay updated on discussions, events, and opportunities for engagement. Our aim is to provide a rationale to the U.N. Member States, all stakeholders, and the general public why the WSIS+20 Review Process should result in, among other goals, preserving the current multistakeholder model of Internet governance and extending the Internet Governance Forum mandate.

As we embark on the 20-year review process of the WSIS, these resources showcase ICANN's ongoing efforts, along with those of the community and stakeholders, to evaluate and enhance global Internet governance.

The new webpage offers access to a variety of resources, including articles, interviews, and other content related to WSIS+20. We encourage stakeholders from all sectors to engage in constructive and collaborative discussion, to stay informed, and to actively contribute to the dialogue surrounding WSIS+20.

The WSIS+20 Review provides an important opportunity to reflect on the progress made over the past two decades and to address the evolving challenges facing the digital landscape. At the heart of it lies the multistakeholder model of Internet governance that fosters collaboration and inclusivity among governments, the technical community, civil society, businesses, academia, and individual users.

We invite individuals and organizations worldwide to contribute to these crucial deliberations. By participating in the ICANN WSIS+20 Outreach Network, you can offer insights, share best practices, and collaborate with stakeholders to promote a global, secure, interoperable, and inclusive Internet.

Please visit the new webpage for more details.

Your voice and expertise are essential in shaping the future of Internet governance and in ensuring the continued success of the multistakeholder approach of Internet governance.


Veni Markovski

Veni Markovski

VP, Government Engagement - UN NY and Interim Head of Government and IGO Engagement