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ICANN’s Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) Team Launches a New Regional Strategy Resource

6 April 2017
By Alex DansAlex Dans


Did you know that the LAC community presented its regional strategy for the first time in April 2013 at ICANN46 in Beijing? That the regional strategy projects fall into four key areas? That ICANN's LAC team and community travels across the region, four times a year, to provide outreach on key topics related to the critical infrastructure of the DNS? Or maybe you were aware of these activities but didn't know why the strategy was created or how to become involved?

As a starting point, to answer these questions, ICANN's LAC team has published a new trifold to describe its regional strategy. The trifold highlights some of our most prominent projects and explains how you can participate and stay informed on the latest regional news. This resource is available in English [PDF, 213 KB], Spanish [PDF, 205 KB], Portuguese [PDF, 204 KB] and French [PDF, 204 KB].

If you still have questions, please contact any of the staff members listed in the trifold and don't forget to subscribe to our monthly regional newsletter to receive the latest news on the strategy implementation.


Alex Dans

Alex Dans

Communications Director, the Americas
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