ICANN President Speaks About the Office of the Ombudsman

25 June 2009
By Office of the Ombudsman

While speaking at the ICANNMeeting – Sydney, ICANN President Paul Twomey made these comments while discussing “Improving Institutional Confidence”:

So the first of the provisions is that there is an ombudsman.
Secondly, there's the Reconsideration Committee of the board. And the third one is the independent review panel.

There will be an additional staff recommendation on Friday that both the ombudsman and the independent review — sorry, the board review — sorry, board reconsideration process should both be up for review under the rolling review mechanisms that ICANN has in place. So we have under the bylaws the requirement that all organs inside ICANN need to be reviewed every three years. We think these two particular organs
need to be opened up for that review.

The ombudsman process, I think, has been quite satisfactory, worked quite well. I think you will find the chairman of the board has been on the public record several times to say that he thinks the Reconsideration Committee of the board is not now well-structured and needs to be reconsidered. It is too narrow and is actually too difficult to get things through that process. So we think that's an important need to do that review.


Office of the Ombudsman