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Highlighting Newcomers Day at ICANN57: Q&A with Newcomer Conglun Liu

3 November 2016
By Conglun Liu


Conglun Liu (Rosalyn) is both a newcomer to ICANN and a NextGen@ICANN57 participant. We recently asked her to share her thoughts and experiences with the rest of the community.

How did you learn about ICANN?

Just last year, I graduated from the university and started working at the Internet Society of China (ISC). Our leaders and colleagues have attended previous ICANN Public Meetings.  Also, this year ISC became a new At-Large Structure and a member of the At-Large Advisory Committee.

Why did you get involved in the NextGen@ICANN57 program?

Because of ISC’s involvement in ICANN, I wanted to engage more actively and deeply with ICANN's Asia Pacific (APAC) community. Having the largest number of Internet users in the APAC region, China plays an important role in the global Internet. ISC strives to serve the development of a healthy Internet environment and to protect users’ interests in China. The Chinese Internet community is active in the global community – and wants to be heard. So through this program, I want to learn from the global community, exchange best practices, share my voice and engage in shaping future global Internet policy.

I know that ICANN has played a key role in maintaining the reliability and stability of the Internet by developing many practical policies. I’d also like the chance to engage and learn in person – from the very beginning of my career – so I can start contributing to the global community.

What do you hope to learn at ICANN57?

I am new to the Internet world, and I want to learn from others and improve my understanding of Internet governance. In addition, I hope to learn more about the workings of At-Large – the At-Large Structures, the Regional At-Large Organizations and the At-Large Advisory Committee. 

Do you have any advice for others who are new to ICANN?

I encourage you to get involved with ICANN by applying to the ICANN Fellowship or NextGen@ICANN programs. If you are interested in the Internet or in engaging in Internet governance, attending an ICANN Public Meeting is a wonderful opportunity. It’s at meetings that you can communicate with other ICANN community members on topics of mutual interest. But before you attend your first ICANN meeting, I recommend that you prepare by taking ICANN Learn courses.


Conglun Liu