Herb Waye, Adjunct Ombudsman, speaks at the Sydney Public Forum

5 July 2009

Office of the Ombudsman

PETER DENGATE THRUSH: We move, then, to the next report.

One of the more important functions that we have at ICANN is the role of the ombudsman. For dealing with any complaint about activities or alleged activities or issues that are raised by any member of the community, affected by any administrative decision of the corporation. And many of you who have attended before will have met the ombudsman and will know the work of that group.

The ombudsman, Frank Fowlie, has been unfortunately detained by some family — unfortunate family circumstances, but his adjunct, his assistant, Herb Waye is here, and I would like to introduce Herb now
invite him to speak on behalf of Frank.

>>HERB WAYE: Thank you. Mr. Chairman, Peter Dengate Thrush, President Paul Twomey, members of the Board of Directors and liaisons, esteemed members of the ICANN community, ICANN staff, ladies and
gentlemen, thank you for this opportunity to make this brief address.

My name is Herb Waye and I am the ICANN adjunct ombudsman, and I am filling the role of the ombudsman, Dr. Frank Fowlie, at this meeting.

I would like to express Dr. Fowlie's deepest regrets at being absent from this Sydney ICANN meeting, but an urgent family medical crisis has required his presence at home.

He sends his warmest greetings, and he would also like me to express his pleasure that the adjunct ombudsman role has worked so successfully in this time of crisis.

My ability to attend in his stead at such short notice can be credited to ongoing support of the adjunct position by the board and the diligent work of the ICANN staff in getting me here at the last minute.

My presence has enabled the office of the ICANN ombudsman to continue operations, seamlessly maintaining service to the organization, its stakeholders, and its clients.

The ability of the office of the ICANN ombudsman to have an experienced, trained, and independent person to provide at any time the necessary community contact, is critical to effective and timely dispute resolution.

During my presence here at Sydney, I have been able to meet with many people for Dr. Fowlie, and have continued his work towards the resolution of various complaints filed with our office.

Dr. Fowlie's Sydney public forum comments have been posted online. I highly recommend reviewing them at the link indicated on the slide.

Is there a slide with the link?


>>HERB WAYE: Anyway, we will get that up there for you.

Dr. Fowlie will be publishing in the near future his fifth annual report. If there are any questions or comments, I would be pleased to forward them to the ombudsman for his attention.

Thank you.

>>PETER DENGATE THRUSH: Thank you, Herb. Are there any questions now for the ombudsman?

Excuse me, for the adjunct ombudsman, either about the report or the about the office of the ombudsman?

Herb, do you want to explain whereabouts you can be found if anybody does want to see you?

>>HERB WAYE: Yes, we do have an office downstairs on Level 1, Room 7, so it will be open for the remainder of the day. If anybody would like to drop in, I would be more than pleased to sit down and chat
either about the role of the ombudsman or mediation and dispute resolution in general.

Thank you very much.

Office of the Ombudsman