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gTLD WHOIS Privacy and Proxy Relay and Reveal Survey Now Live

15 September 2011
By Liz Gasster

As part of a broader examination of gTLD WHOIS, ICANN’s Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO) Council is seeking to gain further insight into the origination and handling of “relay” and “reveal” requests. A relay request is a request to forward a message to the registrant of a domain registered using a privacy service. A reveal request is a request to reveal the identity of the licensee of a domain registered using a proxy service.

ICANN is seeking input from providers of privacy and proxy registration, from those who interact or communicate with privacy and proxy providers (in particular those who make relay and reveal requests), from registrars, and from other interested parties.

The objective is that any potential future policy-making and any efforts to develop or support standardized procedures, tools, formats, etc., be based on data that accurately and broadly represent the experiences of those who use these aspects of the WHOIS system.

By taking a brief survey, you can help lay the foundation for significant future studies. The survey is intended:

  • To gauge the feasibility of an in-depth study of relay and reveal requests,
  • To assess the willingness and ability of request originators, privacy/proxy providers, registrars and other interested parties to participate in and provide data to an in-depth study,
  • To identify factors that would promote or inhibit participation in an in-depth study, and
  • To offer individuals and organizations who may be willing to participate an opportunity to identify themselves.

Participating in this survey is an opportunity for your voice to be heard and for your practical needs to be considered in the design and conduct of potential future studies.

The survey is available in English, French, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

The survey, together with additional background information, can be found at https://www.whois-survey.net The survey will run until at least 31 October 2011, however we do encourage interested parties to respond as early as possible.

For additional information, contact info@whois-survey.net.


Liz Gasster