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Chairman’s Blog: ICANN Congratulates the Internet Society on Turning 25

20 September 2017
By Steve Crocker

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On behalf of ICANN, we extend our congratulations to the Internet Society (ISOC) on its 25th anniversary.

ISOC is a worldwide advocate for a free and open Internet, for everyone. We respect the work done by ISOC members and chapters, Board of Trustees, and Staff to fulfill the mission of ISOC: By connecting the world, working with others, and advocating for equal access to the Internet, the Internet Society strives to make the world a better place.

Of obvious importance to us is the partnership we have enjoyed as both of our organizations have collaborated and supported each other over the years. In particular, ISOC provided enormous support to ICANN over the long-running and ultimately successful IANA stewardship transition process. For this partnership, we thank you.

The orchestration of your 25th anniversary will be remembered by all who participated. We particularly enjoyed hearing the encouraging stories of the 25 people under 25 years of age from around the world who have already, and certainly will continue to contribute greatly to the Internet. The Internet Hall of Fame inductees were inspiring, too. We were particularly happy to see Jaap Akkerhuis, an active member of the ICANN's Security and Stability Advisory Committee since its inception, and ICANN's liaison to the 3166 Maintenance Agency, honored. Great congratulations to Jaap and all other inductees for this great honor. It was a pleasure and an honor to be there.

We salute you and wish ISOC many more decades of success.


Steve Crocker

Former ICANN Board Chair